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Hello everypony! Hug 

Sometimes you just look for MLP pictures and you're just like...


Thaaaaaaaaaaat's what I thought when I came across CatOfRAGE.

CatOfRAGE deserves all possible attention and is 150% worth a watch!

Check it out!


Celestia by CatOfRAGE

Hello everypony! :la:

"Equestria Daily" opens "Celestia Day 2018" on June 20th!

Isn't that a SUNNY reason to celebrate? xD

You know... Sunny... Funny... No? Ok.


If you want to see your picture(s (new and/or old)) on EQD send them to

with "Celestia Day as title.

EQD will collect all of your pictures and show them all over the June 20th.
Isn't that something?

Well, here you go x3

Celestea ah by viwrastupr
Hello everypony! Love 

Well, I'm totally with this x3

Holy yes for Starxie shippers by Ketticat55
Hello everypony! I think I've fainted. 

I... Wow... Girls... Come on!


Pleadin' Pretty Puny Ponies. by PhucknuckL
Hello everypony! Love 

I wanted to share something AJ-cutish and... Well... x3

Apple-Tree-Jack by yorik-CZ
Hello everypony! :happybounce: 

You may have seen the 2 "Private Moment (Pointy) Comics" I submitted (THIS and THIS) and... Well...

I'm open for suggestions for more "Private Moment (Pointy) Comics" x3

Maybe you have something funny in mind c:

You don't have to be too specific, either.

Just whatever you imagine the "Think Pink Crew" could do in a "Private Moment" :3

Ok? Ok!

Thank you for your support x3
Hello everypony! Love 

Seriously: I think Applejack CAN be the most adorable x3

Big AJ by JumbleHorse
Hello everypony! Love 

Ok, in all seriousness: That's is pretty amazing o.o

It's been a long while since I've such an elegant Fluttershy! Enjoy!

Sumi-e Fluttershy by EternalSubscriber
Hello everypony! Giggle 

Did I do a "Daily Art(sy)!" about SION-ARA already? Well, she would deserve it /)^3^(\
First friend by SION-ARA
Hello everypony! Watching a movie  

I don't know what you might think, but I love it!

It takes tons of work to pull something like this through and for me it's impressive.

Thank you so much A-Bright-Idea for adding us to this! /)^3^(\

Hello everypony! Water elemental  

It's too b*cking warm outside x__x (Currently 30°)

30min Challenge - Summer Time by atryl
Hello everypony! :happybounce: 

Ok, seriously:

I simply can not not call Audrarius a "Must See"! He/She simply is x__x

Not only because he/she suppurts a more rare shipping xD
FlutterJack? I'm fine with that xD

:deaudrarius: has an amazing style that totally reminds me about those "Oil Paitings" you see in old(er) castles/mansions x3

Check him/her out - he/she's your dA highlight today /)^3^(\


Something simple by Audrarius

Hello everypony! :lovetea:  

I mean: Come on! Who could resist some "Fluttershy Tea"? x3

More Tea, Please by CutePencilCase
Hello everypony! CURSE YOU! 

It's beginning!

What started as a FLOOD of "MLP G5 and/or Season 9 Leaks" a while ago starts to become real now.

Well, about S9 that is ^^"
I'm still hoping for the announcement of S10 - but that's just me xD


I just wanted you - those, who don't want to be spoiled about S9 - to be careful from now on.
That's all :3

Oh, but if you do want to be spoiled then click on the link on the bottom of this journal ;3 It'll get you right to it.

Ok? Ok!

Spoiler Season by Zacatron94

Hello everypony! Sleep 

I don't think I have to point this out again, buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut here I go:

Neigh Sayer and I are currently not much into drawing.

You may know that we only have really limited time to work on "A(pple)ffection!" and "Find Yourself" and... Yeah.

We're using that time for different things ^^"

Like MTG /)^3^(\
Additionally I'm spening a lot of time working on "Revenant - Fallout: Equestria 2" and Neigh Sayer on other "Not-MLP-Stuff".

It's not like we're not drawing at all ATM, but there could (and probably) will be quite some time between submissions.

We want to feel like drawing again - instead of feeling like we have to draw again.

Or LSS: We're overworked/oversatisfied with drawing ATM xD

Don't worry: I'll keep you updated ;3

Thank you very much for your support and understanding!

Hello everypony! I think I've fainted. 

DAFUQ?! xD I mean, it's amazing, but...



LimeDreaming IS HOSTING:


::: ::: ::: ::: ::: ::: ::: ::: ::: :::


Draw a SFW picture of your OC or a CC taking holidays on the beach!
Or get ready to go to the beach!

::: ::: ::: ::: ::: ::: ::: ::: ::: :::


Saturday, 16th June

Your picture has to be submitted after the 14th, May!

::: ::: ::: ::: ::: ::: ::: ::: ::: :::


According to their place, the winners will get the following percentage of the "Donation Pool":

Place 1
46,67 % - Currently 35,00 USD
+ "Picture Prize" (1 Pony) by LupiArts

Place 2
26,67 % - Currently 20,00 USD

Place 3
13,33 % - Currently 10,00 USD

Place 4 + 5
06,67 % - Currently 05,00 USD

You'll receive your prize via PayPal or Steam!
If you don't have PayPal or Steam you'll get the respective value as :points: on dA!

::: ::: ::: ::: ::: ::: ::: ::: ::: :::

Check out more details HERE:

Hello everypony! ENLOGATED LLAMA  

It's been 6 months again, sooooooooooooooo let's do a "Broohooves and Llamas!" again x3

Well, here we go c:

How does this work? It's simple:

We'll return every Llama we'll receive during the next (somewhat) 24 hours!

If we already exchanged a Llama (or you simply don't care about Llama), then feel free to /) us.

We'll return your /) just as much - combined with a comment to make sure you don't think we "Copy+Paste" those ;3

Oh and...
If you gave us a Llama already and we didn't returned it back then... Remind us! ^^" I'll do so now x3

Ok? Ok!

Let's go! :D
Hello everypony! Hug 

TBH, I still think it would have been better to keep "Unicorn Twilight" around, buuuuuuuuuuuut...

Pictures like this one are making up for it /)^3^(\

A New Royalty has Risen by Duskie-06
Hello everypony! Love 



Scoots by HigglyTownHero